Orange is the New Crack

Oh why netflix, why? Productivity seems poised to plummet across the United States amidst the enticing call of the easiest reason to do nothing: Orange is the New Black. But don’t be fooled Netflix has many partners in crime: HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, Xfinity player to name a few. Television has gone by the wayside and is slowly wasting away on life-support (thanks comcast!) The high speed internet fiber optic cables in Kansas City, Kansas offer the ability to do nothing faster than ever. Perhaps this new capability will come to good use with millions of “applications” and “productivity suites.” For most of us however, the lethargy is the new norm.

We have tools to better ourselves with Universities like MIT, UCLA, OXFORD, and Stanford offering their course materials for free. Yet it seems that we still are committed to the idea of “licensing” the citizenry. Only a large amount of student debt will suffice for you to become a real citizen. We have so much potential here for new innovations in education that we can’t even agree on what new model would even work.

Tangents aside, technology seems posed to make life “better” for all of us. I love that I have grown up in an age of developing technology. That said, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. It seems easier to develop a new idea than to pick a path, a new standard. Since these systems are changing all of the time, it gets exhausting to keep up. I am not in favor of keeping antiquated technology (as I write this from an iPad), but simply noting the speed that we are required to master new knowledge. While technology has become more user friendly than ever, its implementation has become more mysterious, with giants like Google and Apple becoming more like the Slaughterhouses of The Jungle than the modern utopian tech centers we admire. Ok, perhaps that was a bit harsh, just think about it.